Disassembly of industrial and commercial steel structures


Dismantling and metal recyclers Montréal

We provide interior and/or exterior demolition, dismantling and metal recyclers services for institutional, industrial and commercial environments in Montreal ( South Shore and North Shore ). We dismantle all steel structure and metal equipment like hydraulic system , conveyor, hydraulic press, rotary kiln , industrial machinery, heating system , oil tank...The work of recovery of metal ( ferrous and non ferrous ) are lower cost because we recycles the recovered metals .



We use a vast array of dismantling metal equipment techniques and each methodology is designed for the current project in hand.

Recycling, Demolition and Removal

We offer their metals recovery services for recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

highly skilled workforce

We believe that continuous training and development of all our staff to the highest level possible is crucial to the ongoing success of the company.

So, for all our metal struture recovery projects we ensure that our skilled workers have their Health & Safety Training .


We deliver a comprehensive dismantling and recycling solution

Need assistance with dismantling steel structures? We are one of the best démolition contractor in Montréal for industrial, commercial or institutional dismantling Services. We assist the client from the very earliest stages of project conception, through planning and project realisation to a final conclusion.