Disassembly of industrial and commercial steel structures

A safe operating team

Dismantling and recycling industrial machinery safely

The dismantling, recovery and recycling of metals is not without risk.
Either for the workers or for the working environment. For this reason we make every effort to ensure that our sites is safe in every respect.

Regarding our teams we are ensuring that every employee acquires the necessary knowledge in prevention based on regulatory requirements of the Safety Code for the construction work in order to work safely.

Our team in the dismantling, recovery and recycling of metals are adept at identifying risks and hazards in their workplace and take the necessary steps to eliminate if any.

The ASP Health and Safety on Construction Sites course is a requirement for obtaining a certificate of competence, authorizing the holder to work on a construction site in Quebec. The course is also obligatory for management and control staff working mainly and usually on a construction site. The objective of the course is to develop a general understanding of everything affecting health and safety on construction sites.